Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to: Heat-less Loose Waves

Hello my lovely followers! Today I want to to share with you all a fast and easy way to get loose waves without a heating tool! I usually don't use heat on my hair because I dye it often and my hair doesn't need any more damage. Also, this is just a quick way of styling my hair instead of spending 45 min curling it! Enjoy!

Products you will need:

- (Optional) Mousse: TRESemme: Tes Extra Hold Mousse
-Styling Cream: Pantene: Split End Repair
-Split End Treatment: Biosilk: Silk Therapy

1. Start with semi-damp hair and apply split end treatment of your choice
*Note: If you have thinner hair you can start with damper hair but mine is thick.

2.Brush out hair with a wide-tooth comb
*Note: Brushing your hair with a wide-tooth comb when wet pulls less on the hair and causes less damage

3. Pull hair into a ponytail
*Note: If you want your waves to start higher , make your ponytail higher. If you want them to start from the roots, skip this step and start with a french braid

4. Make a regular 3 strand braid/plait
*Note: If you want more defined waves or small waves, you can part your hair into two ponytails and make 2 braids

5. When you get to the bottom of the braid, tie the end and make a loop like pictured above
*Note: If you don't do this step, you will be left with straight ends and that won't look good with the rest of your waves

Now you can either go to sleep in the braid/plait or you can wait till your hair is completely dry. I usually go to sleep in my braid. 

6. Un-tie your braid/plait. (Optional): Apply a styling cream while scrunching it up with your hands
*I use the Pantene: Split End Repair because it styles my hair and repairs it too.
*Note: You can also use mousse but I prefer the split end repair

And you are all done! :)

I hope you all enjoyed. Have a hair tutorial you would like me to do? Leave a comment below! :)