Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eyebrow Threading

Hey everyone! I decided to make a post about eyebrow threading because it's become quite popular since last year and because it's my favorite way of keeping my eyebrows looking good.

I started eyebrow threading last year and fell in love with it. However, I rarely went to the mall so I hardly ever got them done. I started plucking them myself and overtime I had made them way too thin and lost my shape. So    for a couple months now I let them grow out so I could go back to eyebrow threading!

Below are my before & after pics!



As you can see, the results are soo amazing! They know how to shape your eyebrow perfectly.

Here's what I know about eyebrow threading:

-Price ranges from $10-$15
-Hurts LESS than waxing/tweezers
-Uses 100% cotton thread
-Lasts about 2-3 weeks


*I do it about every month or so
*Be sure to that the person who will be doing it is experienced. Inexperience can lead to uneven eyebrows, pain, hair breakage,and  ingrown hairs
*The only thing I don't like about eyebrow threading is that  I break out a bit more around my forehead and eye area due to the lack of hairs.

Where I get them done: 

-I get them done at the mall at a salon called Brow Art 23
-They offer soo many services:
 -Lip Threading
 -Full Face
 -Entire Body
 -Eyelash Extensions
 -Henna Tattoos
 -Permanent Makeup
-Here is a link so you can find a location near you and more information: Brow Art 23

*Have any of you tried eyebrow threading??


  1. Never used threading before. I'm letting my eyebrow grow now because they were too thin :)

    1. you should definitely try it! at least once to see if you like it! :)

  2. Great!!!!!


  3. I have a friend who has tried threading on several occasions and loves it! It is very precise and works well for thicker growth!
    She sometimes alternates with waxing!

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