Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hello my lovely ladies! Today I want to share with you all some information about a company called Influenster. I've done a post previously on my nail blog however, they relaunched their site and is completely different!

*Influenster is only available in the Us.
*Influenster Site

What is influenster?  Great question!
-Influenster is a free "community" where you can review/share products with other girls and guys who share the same interest in you! You also get the chance to earn badges depending on what you like. For example: cooking, beauty, fashion, animal lovers.

What do I get out of it? 
-As you do more reviews and earn more badges, you are able to get discount on products and services. Also, when you share or review products, your influenster score goes up which gives you a better chance to receive a voxbox!

What is a Voxbox? Here comes the fun stuff!
-A voxbox is a boxed filled with the latest products that interest you! Each one has a different theme like beauty, mom, bride-to-be, etc. If you are lucky to receive this box ,  the only thing you have to do is complete a post experience survey. However, you can go above and beyond and complete brand challenges and share these products on any social media. Do this, gives you a greater chance at receiving another voxbox in the future.

And remember, all of this is 100% FREE

Here are some previous voxboxes:

My thoughts about the new site:
-So much easier to get around and review products!
-I love how now we each get an influenster score. It motivates me to share more products with friends!
-There a badge for anyone: camper, video gamer, fashionistas, college students. It's endless!
-It really does feel like a community. I get to see other reviews and meet new people!
-It is a bit overwhelming at first but that's only because there are so many things you can do!
-I have no complaints at all.

If you are not a member yet, what are you waiting for? Join now: 
*You can request an invite on the site or: I can send you an invite, just leave your email in a comment below!

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  1. hello i'm new to influenster and i don't exactly know how to start lol :) could you pls add me my email is thank you :)