Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Makeup

Happy 4th of July everyone! (well to people in the US lol). For the holiday I created 2 makeup looks. The first look is a simple blue eyeliner with white eyeshadow and red lips.

The second look is slightly more dramatic. Its a white/blue gradient eyeshadow with black liquid liner and blue eyeliner on the water line!! Enjoy!

1st look:

2nd look:

If you want to know any of the products used, leave a comment below?? (too many to list!)


  1. Very pretty look. The eyeliner looks great.

  2. Love the makeup! I definitely went over the top with my 4th makeup white glitter, blue liner, & red lips, but it's so fun being festive for the holidays! xo

    1. thanks & it definitely is fun going all out! especially with glitter!

  3. oh both are really pretty! :)