Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommy Time: 15 Things to Carry in Your Purse

Hello everyone! Today's blog is dedicated to all those beautiful moms out there! I am not a mom but I have a 5 yr old sister and a 2 yr old sister. I am always with them and my mom, and when we go out there are some things that are necessary to carry in you purse/ diaper bag! Let's get started! Enjoy!

First of all, some diaper bags can be boring so this is the bag that my mom carries around with her:

It's a Coach purse from the Poppy Collection (This one is from 2 yrs ago) :

Now onto the products:

*Most of these products are available in travel sizes so they don't take up too much space. You can find them usually in the small isle when you check out of a drugstrore!

1. Whistle- This one is optional. However if your child tends to wonder off a lot when you are out, this might come in handy sometime. There are a lot of creepers out there!

2. Kleenex- Whatever season you are in, you or your child might catch a cold or allergies might start acting up!

3. Band Aids- You never know when your child might slip and fall and get a boo boo.

4.Quarters- My mom and I always carry around a few quarters for my sisters, whether its at the mall or at the store they always want something from quarter machines or a vending machine.

5. Wet Ones Moist Wipes- This one is self explanatory, children always make a mess and these are perfect for cleaning their face or a table!

6. Hand Sanitzer- There are a lot of bacteria everywhere and you won't want your child to catch a virus/ cold.

7.Water- I always carry some type of beverage when I'm with my sisters. Kids need to be hydrated!

8. Mirror: Hey, a mommy has always got to look good :)

9. Small Writing Pad & Pen- You never know when you might run into an old friend or need to write down a business number. Also, its a good thing to carry around if your children get bored while you're running errands, kids always like to doodle.

10. Lipgloss/Chapstick- Even if you don't wear makeup, its nice to have some chapstick or even some lipgloss!

11. Sunscreen- Even on a cloudy day, you and your children are still getting damaging sun rays.

12. Snacks- Children are always hungry, and it comes in handy to carry around some pretzels or crackers.

13.Advil/Tylenol- Grab a small plastic bag, and carry around some advil or tylenol. My mom is always getting a headache, and this always helps.

14. Tampons/ Pads- You never know when you might get your period. Or a friend might get it and you can give her one of yours.

15. Diaper/ Baby Wipes- These are for the mommas out there who have small children who wear diapers.

*I hoped this helped! Don't forget to grab your wallet, keys, and drivers license!

*If you have another suggestion, feel free to leave a comment!


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