Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to: Long Lashes

Hello everyone! For today, I want to show you how to get thicker and longer lashes! Please be aware that when I say thicker and longer I don't mean super dramatic lashes like you see in commercials! Enjoy and I hope this helps :)

1. Below is a picture of my natural lashes, no makeup and no mascara

2. Apply Concealer under the eye and set with a powder
3. Apply an eye/eye shadow primer of your choice
4.Apply a shimmery eye shadow close to the color of your skin on your entire lid
5. Highlight the inner corner of your eye to make your eyes appear larger and more awake
6.Apply black eyeliner to your waterline and upper lid as close as you can to your lashline to make the lashes appear thicker

7. Curl your lashes:
-Try heating your curler with a blow dryer for 10 seconds on low heat to keep your curl longer
-Curl your lashes in 3 sections
 -1: Start as close to the lash line and curl for 3 seconds
 -2: Move your curler up a bit and curl again for 3 seconds
 -3: Again move the curler near the tips of your lashes for another 3 seconds
-This helps your lashes stay in place and curling your lashes make them look longer

8. Apply your mascara and your done! :)
-I recommend Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara in Very Black (gives your volume and length)
-Apply a thin coat of mascara on TOP of lashes
-Apply a coat of mascara starting at the base of your lashes and wiggle the wand up to the tips
-Apply another coat and your done
-If you'd like apply 1 coat of mascara to your lower lashes


  1. Very nice post. I recently realized applying eyeliner close to upper lash line makes the lashes look thick.

    1. thank you :) and yup that really does make them appear thicker!

  2. I loved this post!! Your lashes looks so long! :)

    p.s. I hope you will check out my fashion blog too,
    if you have time! :)

    Much love,
    The Cabinet Of Fashion blog

    1. thank you :) and i'll be sure to check out ur blog! :)

  3. this was a great post Esme! i need to try some of these tips.

    1. thanks! :) let me know how they work out for you! :)