Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blog Update: Time Off, 4th of July, etc.

Hello lovely ladies!! So I haven't been posting much on this blog lately. I guess my nail blog has just taken most of my time.

With that being said I am going to stop blogging for about a week and a half after July 4th. ONLY because I want to catch up on posts for this blog! :)

I'll have these 4 post up within the next couple day before I take a break from this blog:

-June Favorite (July 1st)
-Hottie of the Week (July 2nd)
-Face Mask Review (July 3rd)
-4th of July Makeup (July 4th)

Take a look at my Coming Soon tab to see what's to come in the future!!

I hope you all understand and hope you all are enjoying your summer!

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  1. A blog takes some time I can't imagine having 2 heheheheh. Will be waiting for the new posts.

    1. i know! it's time consuming! Hopefully I can get caught up! :D